I’m prioritising self-care in 2019: the easiest of my New Year resolutions to keep, as it’s pretty broad.

Going to my favourite coffee shop in the morning? Self-care. Cancelling all my plans on the weekend? Definitely self-care.

Here’s my pick of the gadgets to help you do the same.

Lunata beauty travel kit

Don’t stop at just doing your make-up on the Overground — straighten and curl your hair too! Lunata has developed a cordless, rechargeable version of its classic hair tongs. Teat goes up to 221C so be careful! Tip: Lunata is coming soon to Selfridges.

£153.10 | Lunata Beauty | Buy it now

Ocushield anti-blue light glasses

I picked these up in the office and  am now a complete convert.  Ocushield’s prescription-free glasses  reduce the eye strain that comes from staring at a screen all day.

£38 | Soda Says | Buy it now

Stay Sixty water bottle

Having tested loads of bottles — from Chilly’s (great), Closca (good design but no fun colours) to Swell (too athleisure) — I love Stay Sixty. The removable base means you can clean it properly, and it.comes in blush pink.

£27.95 | Stay Sixty | Buy it now

Withings Move watch

Smartwatches tend to be overpriced and bulky. The Withings Move is affordable at £60 and focuses on simply tracking calories, exercise and sleep — plus it’s waterproof, so can track your swimming. And it comes in fun colours, too.

£59.95 | Withings | Buy it now

JaxJox KettlebellConnect

These will help you in your strength training ambitions without the need for a gym membership — or needing to leave your bedroom. Programme the kettlebell to weigh anything from 12lb to 42lb within seconds.

£329.99 | Jaxjox | Buy it now

Awair air quality monitor

Awair looks like a clock but it actually measures air quality: CO2, dust, humidity, chemicals and temperature. It partners with an app that advises you on how to make changes and improve your air quality.

£149 | Get Awair | Buy it now

Umay eye mask

A high-tech version of those cold, camomile cotton pads that soothe your eyes. Umay is developing a technology that calms them through the soft heat of “thermal therapy”. Early adopters are saying that it is life-changing. 

Join the waitlist at umay.care

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