72% of Brits said that they thought technology was improving their relationships, while 59% said that reading an ebook in bed relaxed them, so perhaps it’s not a screen in the bedroom that’s ruining our libido, but just what we’re doing on them. Reading thousand of tweets for an hour probably isn’t going to get you in the mood to ask how your partner’s day is, or get down to it. 

Worryingly, on average, couples had nine devices in the bedroom, including iPads, laptops, phones and Alexas. However, 68% said they went to bed earlier together to watch or listen to something, so perhaps technology in the bedroom isn’t always the enemy. 

It’s worth noting that the ‘blue light’ emitted by devices such as phones have been shown to disrupt sleep patterns, tricking the body into thinking it’s closer to daylight. So always make sure you turn off your devices before you bed down. Or, if you’re still struggling in the bedroom, there are some other gadgets you can invest in that might help you out, but that’s a different article.

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