I can count almost a dozen items on my side of the bed at home that have to do with charging my gadgets. My nightstand has four wireless chargers sitting on it right now.

I’m obsessed with keeping my gadgets powered up at all times, so when Ravpower offers some new products to review, I’m in.

These three items will help you keep your gadgets going, and the last one can keep you from getting stranded if your car battery dies.

Ravpower Ultrathin PD USB-C Charger 

I’ve been using a laptop as my main computer for decades. To make my commuting life easier, I have three power supplies — one for home, one for the office and one to keep in my travel bag.

Since I’ve been an Apple laptop user for all those years, I had to buy Apple power supplies because Apple didn’t let any other companies make power supplies for their laptops.

When Apple switched over to using USB-C for its laptop power, it opened up a new market for hundreds of third-party USB-C accessories.

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