Japanese tech provider Infinito has unveiled its Infinito Blockchain Platform (IBP) for the development of decentralised apps using APIs.

The firm, which also builds and operates the Infinito Wallet, says businesses and developers can use a variety of blockchain-based functionality from one stop. In addition, businesses can choose from various turnkey Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and solutions.

"Developing with blockchain is anything but simple"

“Developing with blockchain is anything but simple”

“Blockchain has the disruptive power to transform the many fabrics of society and businesses today are all setting sights on the decentralisation train. However, developing with blockchain is anything but simple, especially when the technology is evolving at breakneck speed. There are numerous complex concepts and technicalities to master,” says Junya Yamamoto, CEO of Infinito.

As the firm rightly points out, the market for practical blockchain applications is “booming like never before”, and it’s trying to simplify development of decentralised applications and services.

IBP will eventually evolve into a marketplace where module creators can sell and profit from own-built innovations.

According to Infinito, most custom code work is eliminated via turnkey, scalable solutions and blockchain APIs that work in plug-and-play fashion.

Clients can access and choose from a variety of development tools, including transaction settlement, data retrieval and analysis, identity verification, and multi-chain interaction.

For this first release of IBP, businesses can start using Infinito API/SDKs, proof of concept (PoC), and solutions including know your customer (ID/KYC), wallet, traceability, random number generator, token and coin listing, and token distribution platforms.

The firm calls itself a “Japanese blockchain technology house” but is headquartered in Singapore. It was founded in 2013 and has over 300 staff.

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