NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / October 31, 2018 / From October 23rd to 24th, the TAP team attended the 2018 Korea Blockchain Expo, sponsored by The Korea Economic Daily and Deloitte, and organized by GBIC and Hashed.

The two-day event was held at the Seoul Hilton Hotel Convention and Exhibition Center and focused on blockchain policies at home and abroad as well as future industry prospects. Various blockchain projects were introduced to more than 2,500 participants from domestic and foreign enterprises. Several famous overseas blockchain projects and capital firms were also in attendance.


The SentinelProtocol API and ICF (InteractiveCooperation Framework) released for the first time

Participants visited the TAP booth where they were introduced to the project and were able to try the beta version of the application. ”It is currently very cumbersome to go through the KYC (Know Your Customer) procedure for each exchange”, said one of the visitors. ”It is impressive to be able to use TAP to trade on several exchanges with only a single KYC”. He also affirmed TAP’s vision. ”With the TAP application, I believe that transacting with virtual currencies will become more and more convenient.”

“I hope to use the TAP card as soon as possible”, said another participant, confirming interest in convenient virtual currency settlements. During the live application demo, transactions were conducted using virtual currencies across different exchanges. The demo showed that these transactions can be settled within 3 seconds, giving the developers a well-deserved sense of relief!

”This has been a very meaningful trip to introduce the TAP project to the personal and institutional investors of South Korea, a prominent digital currency market”, said Arsen Torosian, founder of TAP. ”We will further improve our company and applications based on feedback from participants.”

The TAP project combines functions of a virtual currency investment portfolio with a free, virtual currency transaction service built upon TAP middleware. The application is attractive and user friendly, which is partly why TAP is widely considered to be a rising star in the blockchain community. The official version of the TAP application is undergoing testing and is expected to be released to the public on November 30th, 2018.

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