Unlike much of the rest of the angling world, I’ve not gone all in on fluorocarbon line. I personally find it too stiff; if you let your rod and reel sit for a long time, the line takes a set, has too much memory and doesn’t cast as well as ordinary mono. But fluorocarbon has some very positive attributes including its invisibility under water. It’s perfect for clear-water applications.

So I’ve taken to using it for leaders with either monofilament or braided main line and in that capacity I think it’s unparalleled. There are a bunch of brands on the market, though I’m partial to Vanish, made by Berkley as it offers a good combination of performance and price point. But I’ve always been partial to Berkley lines — both Trilene and Fireline — so maybe that’s just me.

— Bob Gwizdz.

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