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BENGALURU: For the past few years now, there has been great excitement around the field of blockchain technology. In fact, Bengaluru paves the way as far as jobs in the field are concerned, as well as in the number of professionals who study the course, a survey has revealed.   

The city is the first option for those seeking jobs in the blockchain sector, accounting for close to 37 per cent of all blockchain job postings in India, according to a survey by Edureka, an online learning platform. In addition, 42 per cent of those learning blockchain technology on the platform are from here. This is followed by Hyderabad at 16 per cent and Pune at six per cent. The survey was conducted over a year, and examined more than 16,900 responses.

Be it senior-level employees to freshers who are just starting out and see the potential of blockchain tech, many are and have been enrolling for the courses. The percentage of senior, management-level employees with experience of between eight to 12 years who are looking to upskill in blockchain from Bengaluru is at 22 per cent.

Another 55 per cent comprises mid-managerial level employees, at 55 per cent. Around 17 per cent of blockchain learners from Bengaluru are entry-level professionals, and three per cent are freshers.
“Statista (online statistics, market research and business intelligence portal) has forecasted that the market size of blockchain will be $2.3 billion by 2021. It has applications in industries such as technology enterprises, finance and banking, government sectors and education to name a few,” says a statement from the company.

The state government is keen on adopting blockchain technology in various areas of governance. It became the first state in the country to hold a blockchain hackathon back in January.

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