SINGAPORE, March 26, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — The W12 platform developers have released a smart contract prototype that gives ICO investors control over the spending of their invested funds. This new technological solution reduces the risk of loss of funds in ICOs by up to 95 percent, while increasing the total return on investment by more than 10 times.

The W12 ICO marketplace will give investors an opportunity to choose a new model of staged financing through a smart contract. This scheme is unprofitable primarily for fraudulent (“scam”) projects, as it makes it impossible for scammers to obtain all of the funds from investors at once. A roadmap must be implemented to access the cryptocurrency funds. Thus, the W12 model will minimize the risk of losses in ICO projects by up to 95 percent.

Moreover, it is not just a matter of clearing up scams and shutting down a company’s website immediately after fundraising, but also about projects that will not be able to implement what was planned in 1-3 years of development and create value in the market. Experts report that up to 98 percent of projects on the ICO market today will never be implemented as their websites, whitepaper and roadmap claim. The value of tokens of such projects will definitely trend to zero in the future.

The system is transparent. ICO token buyers vote “for” or “against” prolonging the investment each time after a stage is implemented in accordance with the roadmap. If an ICO project does not fulfill its obligations, an investor has the right to recover the unused funds and reinvest them in other projects.

The W12 market-financing model solves the main problems of the ICO market – a plethora of scams, low investor confidence in ICO projects, and high risks when buying tokens of projects at an early stage. At the same time, the W12 marketplace provides an opportunity for projects aimed at creating a product and new technologies to raise funds without costs or specialized technical knowledge.

According to statistics, the number of successful ICOs in 2017 decreased from 40 percent in the spring to 5 percent in the winter. The number of companies launching ICOs has reached 752. Competition is growing, while the number of “raw” and fraudulent projects that fail to fulfill their obligations is increasing. Confido, Munchee, PlexCorps and Benebit are just a few of these scammers. Given all this, investors have become very selective when choosing projects.

“Today, for many teams a successful ICO and fund-raising is equated with a successful EXIT from the project. According to this new model, teams will be focused on execution and developing technologies that will create the basis of a new economic era.”

• W12 founder, Oleg Sharpaty

An ICO project that opts for a W12 milestones-based financing model earns a high confidence rating and funds for implementation of its product because of the obligation to report for each stage. This is entirely justified, as at the launch of an ICO, token buyers transfer Ethereum, which already has value, to a project in exchange for project tokens that as yet have no value. At this stage, investors only have an expectation that the tokens will achieve a higher value in the future. In W12, these expectations will not only be backed up by words, but also by the project’s obligations to token buyers.

Additional benefits of projects on the W12 platform include automated smart contracts and a technological solution for the release of tokens providing an opportunity to launch an ICO in just 1-1.5 hours.

“We have already invested in many ICO projects, so we see the problem from the inside. Unfortunately, the rating and popularity of a project do not guarantee the quality of its execution. All scam projects are well-known. Therefore, we set ourselves the goal to develop a tool that will bring ICO investments to a new level of mutually beneficial partnership, establish full transparency and a relationship of trust between a project and its token buyers. The investor, in turn, will not have to spend weeks on project research, while the project will save money for marketing and smart contracts development.”

Andrei Granovsky, W12 founder

The W12 platform prototype is already available today ( The final release is scheduled for the summer of 2018.

Company information

W12 is a DAICO marketplace. The company was founded in October, 2017.

White list: registration open.

Pre-sale: May 04, 2018.

Crowdsale: July 01, 2018


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