Once the app is up and running, if you have your phone’s Bluetooth turned on, all you have to do is power up either the MOCAcuff or MOCAheart and press the start button to connect the device to the app.

Readings are stored in a section called My History.

You can add contacts, if you like, so you can share your data with your friends or your doctor.

The connection between the app and the devices worked every time.

MOCA Index

The MOCAheart readings include a number they call the MOCA Index. The Index is expressed as a number from one to five. It is a reading taken from your blood velocity, which is the speed of the blood as it travels through your vessels. Higher blood velocity is a sign of arterial stiffness and is correlated to high blood pressure.

Here’s a breakdown of the MOCA Index numbers:

1. Low, which is not normally a cause for concern. Consider seeking care if you are experiencing unusual symptoms.

2. Ideal, which is where you want to be.

3. Raised, which means it might be time to make some lifestyle changes. Check out the app for tips.

4. High, which may indicate health issues. Consider seeking care if unchanged.

5. Very high, which may suggest serious health issues. Seek medical attention if this index level persists.


If you’re looking for a new blood pressure monitor, the MOCAcuff isn’t too expensive, and it’s easy to use.

The MOCAheart is a slick little bundle of sensors, but I’m guessing it wasn’t on very many Christmas lists.

These are the kind of gadgets you buy for someone you love.

These are also the gadgets your doctor might nag you to use.

I can tell you they are easy to use, not too expensive and might just save your life.


Pros: Simple interface, works with or without app, easy to use.

Cons: None.

Bottom line: Nice blood pressure monitor that’s convenient to use and has a useful app.


Pros: Good information from the sensors. Small and easy to use.

Cons: Needs a phone to provide information.

Bottom line: I’m sure everyone’s doctor would think this one is great. I agree.

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