If someone were to say to you that you’ve spent all day interacting with artificial intelligence, you’d probably stop and try to recount any instances of accidentally running into a robot.

Despite what’s constantly being hammered into our brains via science fiction movies and television, AI comes in many forms, which may surprise you. Not only has artificial intelligence become integrated within a number of industries, but it’s teaching people how to streamline business and optimize their lives.

From social media to public service, some people are interacting with artificial intelligence every single day and it may surprise you how broadly it is being adopted. Here are some ways we’re already using AI on the daily. 

How we use AI every single day

Sometimes the integration of artificial intelligence presents itself in a more obvious manner. Take virtual assistants, for example: Increasingly when you sign onto a website and are greeted with a chatbot, you’re more likely to interact with a computer-generated assistant and referred to a human only if your question is quite complex. You’ll know pretty quickly whether it’s a human or a robot, like how UBank’s Robochat introduces itself.

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